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Town Hall with Metrolinx

Over 100 plus residents packed the Heintzman House on November 17, 2022 to hear Metrolinx’s update on the Yonge North Subway Extension (YNSE). Stephen Collins, Project Sponsor for the YNSE, attended with his team.

Ward 1 Councillor Keith Irish moderated the three-hour session.

Mr. Collins advised residents that Metrolinx is refining its planning and will present an updated business case to the government for approval in 2024. Work is underway to develop a new ridership forecast. Meanwhile, the tunnel contracting is moving forward – Metrolinx is going to market to release its Request for Qualifications in 2023. Metrolinx is also proceeding with property acquisition and construction.

Key concerns raised by residents included: escalating project costs beyond the 2020/21 $5.6 B estimate; contractors’ compliance with Metrolinx’s public commitments for noise, vibration, tunnel depths, and safety during subway construction and operations; fair compensation for property acquisition and damages.

Metrolinx Nov 17
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RORA will work with Metrolinx to organize more community events.


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