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September 2023 update

What's Inside:

Reminder: RORA Annual General Meeting on October 11, 2023, from 7 pm to 9 pm at Heintzman House

Please RSVP by October 4th (via Evite). Learn about neighbourhood developments and events from Councillor Keith Irish and the Executive Board. Light refreshments will be served. We look forward to seeing you.

Royal Orchard Strong!

New Directors and Volunteers Needed

Bring your passion, commitment and skills to RORA. Join our Executive Board or volunteer on one of our committees:

Development Watch


Communications and Events Planning

Yonge North Subway Extension

Royal Orchard Park

We especially need skills in: accounting, legal, municipal planning, communications. All high school and university students are welcome; high school students can earn their volunteer hours.

New directors will be confirmed at RORA’s AGM. Contact us at to express your interest and/or for more information.

We Are Live: New RORA Website

Explore the information and resources on the website.

This is your website. Send us ideas and photos to make the website helpful and user-friendly for all.

YNSE Transit Corridor Land (TCL) and 30M Buffer Zone

Metrolinx has shared with RORA the wording of the TCL notice on title. The following text (in italics) will appear on the titles of residents whose properties are located on transit corridor land or within the 30- meter buffer area:

This notice is for an indeterminate period

I, ______________solicitor make the following law statement: Metrolinx, having unregistered estate, right, interest or equity in registered land described in the Properties section hereto, hereby applies under Section 71 of the Land Titles Act for the entry on the register of a notice of a designation of transit corridor land pursuant to an Order in Council under section 62 of the Building Transit Faster Act, 2020. This document is supported by evidence which is indexed in the Land Registry Office as Index Number TOR1415.

Metrolinx advises that the notice is for an indeterminate period because the Land Registry Office requires that either a specific date be provided for the notice to expire (day, month, year), or it must be indicated as “indeterminate.” As this is the early stage of the project, Metrolinx is unable to indicate the exact date of expiration, and so must state that the notice is in place for an “indeterminate” time period. Metrolinx will remove notices on title after construction is complete and the YNSE is in service. They are planning to have the notices placed on all affected properties by late October 2023.

If you have any questions about the notice or anything related to the YNSE, please contact Metrolinx at: or 416-202-7000.


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